Martin Ford: Selected Press, Media Appearances & Book Reviews

News and articles

Los Angeles Times: Will Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot replace human workers?

Vox: Amazon’s robots are getting closer to replacing human hands

The New York Times: Amazon Pushes Forward with Robots

The EconomistThe Return of the Machinery Question

The EconomistAutomation and Anxiety

ETF StrategyLyxor launches ‘Rise of the Robots’ ETF

Wired: The Future of Your Job in the Age of AI and Robots (video)

TED Conference Blog: Summary of Martin Ford’s 2017 TED Talk

The New York Times, Frank Bruni: The Bitter Backdrop to 2014

Washington ExaminerWhite House warned of ‘labor collapse’ from robots

PBS NewshourThree White-Collar Jobs that Robots are Already Mastering

National GeographicWill the Rise of The Robots Implode the World Economy?

MIT Technology ReviewWho Will Own the Robots?

CNNWill this One-Armed Robot Put You Out of a Job?

WiredRise of the Machines: The Future has Lots of Robots, Fewer Jobs for Humans

Mother JonesThese are the Jobs Robots will Take from Humans

The GuardianRobots are leaving the factory floor and heading for your desk – and your job

The Washington PostThe Robots are Coming

A multi-part series from the Associated Press:

The EconomistRobot Co-workers

InfoWorldRobots are Coming to Take Your Job

SalonThe Internet’s Greatest Disruptive Innovation — Inequality

Los Angeles Times: Automation Accelerates in Retail Sector

Der Spiegel (English): Competing Visions of a Computer-Controlled Future

ComputerWorldBusinesses are adopting robots for new tasks, but will they kill jobs?

InformationWeekLarry Page and Sergey Brin on Technological Unemployment

CosmosLearning to live with robots

FastCompanyWill Robots Kill — or Create — your Next Job?

PC WorldRobots Fill New Roles at Work

Slate: Will Robots Steal Your Job?

The Economist: Artificial Intelligence / Luddite Legacy

The Globe and Mail (Canada):  “Will computers ever be smarter than us?”  and “Thank you for your personal data

Boston MagazineMachine Man (A profile of iRobot founder Rodney Brooks)

The Fiscal Times: The Robot Revolution: Your Job May be Next

Forbes (India): Hello Robot, Goodbye Worker

USA Today

Los Angeles Times

International Business Times

San Franciso Chronicle

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

TechCrunchWhat If This Is Our Future  and  A Tale Of Two Countries: The Growing Divide Between Silicon Valley And Unemployed America

Guardian (UK)

Sunday Telegraph (UK): Automation  (See “Metal Men”  on Page 11).

Blast Magazine

CQ Researcher “Will Artificial Intelligence Lead to Unemployment?” (in German)


TelevisioN Interviews

Bloomberg TV: The Benefits from Robots / AI

CNBC:  Should We Fear Robots?

CBS Sunday Morning: After the robots take over, will there be jobs left for us?

CNBC: Is a “Robot Tax” a Good Idea?

Fox Business:  Will Robots Take Over Your Job?

CNN: Will A Robot Take Your Job?

CNBC:  Rise of the robots, fall of the people?

MSNBC – The Cycle:  Are We Being Replaced by Robots?

PBS Newshour:  Will Your Job Get Outsourced to a Robot?

Ideas in Action (shown on PBS): Will Robots Take our Jobs?

Radio interviews

CNBC:  Robots taking over jobs?

NPR Fresh Air – Attention White-Collar Workers: The Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Minnesota Public Radio – Technology and Disappearing Middle Class Jobs

KALW San Francisco – Will Robots Take Your Job?

NPR Interview: “The Dark Side of Watson”

Southern California Public Radio: “Losing your job to a machine”

South Carolina NPR

FastForward Radio

ChangeSurfer Radio

KGNU Denver/Boulder -“It’s the Economy”


Book Reviews

Rise of the Robots 

New York Times Review

New York Times Book Review Podcast – “Welcome to Your Obsolescence”

New York Times Editors’ Choice

Wall Street Journal Review

Financial Times Review

Los Angeles Times Review

The Daily Beast Review

Inside Higher Ed Review

Los Angeles Review of Books Review

Architects of Intelligence

A Financial Times Book of the Year for 2018

Forbes: This is the Future of AI According to 23 World-Leading AI Experts

The Verge: When will Artificial General Intelligence be Achieved?

Axios: The Surprisingly Quarrelsome Field of Artificial Intelligence

IEEE Spectrum: Book Review: Architects of Intelligence

Vanity Fair: Inside the Hive Podcast

The Lights in the Tunnel

A Review by the Future of Work Project

Review by The Futurist Magazine

Review at Singularity Hub

A review by Brad Feld

Review in Mediapart (in French)

CNET Review by Chris Matyszczyk