Technology, Robots and Automation Links, and The Singularity is Near Movie Trailer


Ten Jobs that Won’t Be Taken by Robots –  The Fiscal Times

Does Facebook Create Jobs?  – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Is your Job Robot-Proof? – Forbes

Russian Investor Sets Up Robotics VC Fund – The Atlantic

Robot mimics infants’ word learning –  Los Angeles Times

Robot Soccer Leads to Innovation – Slate

Robots Learn to Work with Humans – DiscoveryNews

Alan Turing: why the tech world’s hero should be a household name – BBC

“The Singularity is Near” movie (trailer):


5 thoughts on “Technology, Robots and Automation Links, and The Singularity is Near Movie Trailer

  1. TBH M shaped societies I feel are pretty much inevitable, most of Asia is M Shaped and the socialist European governments who tax heavily to subsidise those who have no jobs (which creates their demand) are bankrupt and people are leaving for tax havens.

    The UK government is touting universal credit. However I feel it too late and there will be a nasty nasty period of unrest like the 2011 riots in London before there is a levelling to prevent the M shaping of society. Though part of me thinks that the government and the elites partly want this. As the income/demand problem is currently filed under ‘somebody elses problem’

    1. Yeah, there’s certainly no reason why soft AI can’t be used to create increasingly effective police states. Subsidise people with the bare minimum of income to keep it from being a human rights issue, then install universal surveillance to keep them in line.

      Britain is just a prelude to our likely future.

  2. Thanks for making your book available for free. I’m in the process of reading it (count on a donation or the purchase of a hard copy). Have you read “The best that money can’t buy” or heard anything about a resource based economy? What are your thoughts on that proposal. I think it’s a viable option to reshaping our social structure to meet the needs of humanity. I’d love to hear your take. Thanks again.

  3. Robots are becoming part of people’s everyday social lives and will increasingly become so. In future years, robots may become caretaker assistants for the elderly, or academic tutors for our children, or medical assistants, day care assistants, or psychological counselors. Robots may become our co-workers in factories and offices, or maids in our homes.

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