Robots, AI and Automation – Links


Update: Rise of the Robots – Paul Krugman, NY Times.

Advances in Deep Learning (Neural Networks)  –  John Markoff, NY Times.

Series on AI / Brain Science – Gary Marcus, New Yorker

Are Droids Taking our Jobs? – Andrew McAfee, TED

How to Invest in an Automated Economy – ABC News

Robots Taking Jobs –  Techonomy

Robots force Navy Dolphin into Unemployment Line – NY Post

Burgeon Hamburger Robot (a UK competitor for Momentum Machines) – Yahoo UK

More on Momentum Machines (with a photo a robot-constructed burger – Looks more 5 Guys than McDonald’s) – Huffington Post

Simulated Brain Scores Top Test Scores – Nature

A Vine-Pruning Robot – Singularity Hub

“Foxbots” arriving at Foxconn’s Chinese Factories – Singularity Hub

Watson-mobile – Business Week

Technology will Replace 80% of What Doctors Do – Vinod Khosla, Fortune

(also see: Dr. Watson: How IBM’s supercomputer could improve health care – Washington Post)

7 thoughts on “Robots, AI and Automation – Links

  1. The problem is as always the gap between linear thinking and exponential change. Most people think of the future as basically a repetition of the past, or maybe a slightly souped-up version of the past.

    Few imagine that it might be that radically different, or that there might be such extreme contradictions (population going to 9 billion but jobs shrinking radically). The full implications of exponential change do not make sense, just like a black hole does not make sense. Yet, unfortunately, just because we cannot conceived of it in our everyday experience, does not mean it will not happen.

    Let us suppose that it takes 8000 years to develop a new arrow head ca. 10000 BC and 760 years to develop a new form of pottery ca. 1500 BC. Then 150 years to develop a new form of steel ca. 1650 and 60 years to develop computers ca. 1980. So the question is: can you make a transition equivalent to the transition from bronze to iron in a month? or maybe in a week? It does not make any sense, but mathematically, it is entirely possible.

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