Links – Robotics, AI, Automation

Robots Get a Sense of Touch – NY Times

Robots Mimic the Human Hand – NY Times

The Robot Reality: Service Jobs are Next – The Fiscal Times

What if Automation Overwhelms the Need for Employees? – Forbes

The Robots are Coming (podcast) – A Conversation with Matt Miller and Erik Brynjolfsson

TED Presentations/Debate on Future Innovation v. Stagnation – Andrew McAfee

New Initiative to Map the Human Brain – NY Times

What will Workers Do When Machines Take All the Routine Jobs? – Robohub

Willow Garage spinoff, Industrial Perception, Building Advanced Robots – Singularity Hub

Robots will Do Everything You Do — Only Better – Singularity Hub

Optimism Dims for the Middle Class – NY Times

Japan to Promote Nursing Care Robots – Bangor Daily News

Trading Algorithms Fall for Fake Twitter Post – NY Times

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots– Reuters

Robot Uncovers Ancient Burial Chambers Beneath Teotihuacan Temple – Huffington Post

15 thoughts on “Links – Robotics, AI, Automation

  1. Jaron Lanier, author of “Who Owns The Future?”, mentions Martin’s “The Lights in the Tunnel” (as well as Amazon reviews of the book).

    The Internet Kills More Jobs Than It Creates

    How Silicon Valley Is Hollowing Out the Economy (and Stealing From You to Boot)

  2. Article excerpt on Google’s Eric Schmidt & J. Cohen on new book, “The New Digital Age” –

    “The speakers ended the evening on a bit of career advice, saying that the U.S. desperately needs engineers. So desperate, said Schmidt, that it doesn’t even matter if you’re even a good one or not. Become an engineer and you will never have trouble finding a job, he said.”

      1. Yeah, agree w/ you Marlon, for me, 10+ years working in data centers for the largest telecoms. I’ve interviewed w/ Google 3 times over the last 5 years for an SA/SRE position & I couldn’t understand what the Google interviewer was saying because he couldn’t speak English very well. High turnover w/ Google recruiters too. Now I’m 50 (a ‘health risk’) w/ (seemingly) no future just looking to “stick it to those big, greedy corps that have betrayed us all”!

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