Rise of the Robots — Reviews

Here’s a list of some of the reviews/articles for my new book, Rise of the Robots:

New York Times Review

New York Times Book Review Podcast – “Welcome to Your Obsolescence”

New York Times Editors’ Choice

Wall Street Journal Review

Financial Times Review

Los Angeles Times Review

The Daily Beast Review

Inside Higher Ed Review

Wired Review

Los Angeles Review of Books Review

Those are all pretty positive; here’s one that’s not:


Here is the book talk I gave at Seattle Town Hall:


And finally, my op-ed for the New York Times on what the rise of the robots may mean for China:

China’s Troubling Robot Revolution

One thought on “Rise of the Robots — Reviews

  1. The Reason review is, as Bill Gates likes to say, “exactly wrong.” That is predicted by the full title of the publication: “Reason — Free Minds and Free Markets.” At the end, the reviewer leaps to the question of whether human level AI is realistically possible in the foreseeable future, after earlier noting that Rise of the Robots predicts a marked decline in jobs that would not require human level AI. And after castigating those quoted by Ford for predicting declines in jobs in various categories of work without supporting evidence, the reviewer does the exact same thing by saying he sees no reason why things won’t just keep on going the way they always have, and that people displaced by technology will just go find other jobs.

    If the reviewer wanted evidence for the predictions in Rise of the Robots, he could have just read The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, which have had many news stories over the last year about how jobs are disappearing right now due to automation. I guess the displaced workers will all go work for Uber. That is, until Uber replaces them with driver-less cars.

    Having read both The Lights in the Tunnel and Rise of the Robots, my only criticism of the more recent book is that it did not stress the economic impact of the potential drop in jobs as clearly as the first book. On the other hand, the detailed description in Rise of the Robots of the progress of automation and robotics and their current practical applications was powerful evidence supporting the book’s predictions regarding automation’s future impact on job markets.

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