13 thoughts on “Is the “Robot Tax” Supported by Bill Gates a Good Idea?

  1. really enjoyed your ted talk and reading your blog… the one biggest thing people have to worry about is letting too much of their freedoms get taken through government support. We, as a society, could end up back in serfdom days and it won’t be because people aren’t working thanks to automation… just our 0.02c

  2. I agree that the “robot tax” is a bad idea due to both of Martin Ford’s concerns:
    1) What a “robot” is will be difficult to judge, and
    2) We should not be doing things to slow down automation.

    Taxes should always be aimed at punishing “bad” things, rather than punishing “good” things. That is, things that should be taxed include things like pollution, things that harm people (cigarettes, or even sugar), etc.

    It’s very surprising to me that Bill Gates would recommend a “robot tax.” It doesn’t seem like a well-thought-out idea.

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