10 thoughts on “My TED Talk on how AI could cause job loss–and how a basic income may be the solution

  1. Let’s be honest. The ROBOTS aren’t taking anything from us.

    The jobs are being SOURCED OUT from humans by greedy human run corporations.

  2. First, I want to apologize because I am not a writer all I want to do here is to describe an idea I had for a long time. If anyone wants to take over the concept and take it further by all means please do.
    The idea is about a new economic system different to the systems we have today. I began to have some idealistic ideas but just needed to make sure that system would be fair for everyone. 
    I think I got the perfect system….but, don’t get too excited because the US will never implement such a system since we have too many  hands in the pie. 
    So, what good is it if it cannot be implemented? Well, It could be tried by a small country that doesn’t have a bureaucratic system or if in the future it could be used in colonization’s of other planets. 
    As far as I can see the current systems we have will not survive.  Too many people unemployed will create chaos. Governments will implement some way of eliminating people that are causing problems. Automation will eliminate jobs and a Capitalistic  system cannot survive without jobs. Something will happen and if some humanity still exists in the world then the current systems will disappear.
    This made me think, why can’t we have a fair system where everyone pays their fare share in life, a different economic system:   
    And, I came up with something that I call, TIMEISM.  Just like CAPITAL-ISM, COMMUN-ISM, SOCIAL-ISM.  TIME, is for the time or worked hours and ISM meaning state or quality. TIMEISM is an economic system that uses hours worked (TIME) instead of money.
    I am not claiming that this is a perfect system or that I have all the answers. Just like everything else that is new and different there will be trial and error situations that eventually will cause changes to the original idea. Just think, one day the constitution was created, agreed and signed with basic principles,  but since then many amendments were added throughout the years. 
    Basically, in the TIMEISM system a child will go to school until they are 16 years old. By the way, the school system will be completely different to what we have today. These children will learn how to be a part society by learning the basic day to day life, not just math, reading/writing.
    They will learn how to act upon different situations in day to day living. For example, a while ago I read in the news that a teenage girl was home alone. She woke up and smelled gas in the bedroom. The first thing she did was turn the light on. The light switch produced a very small spark but enough to ignite the gas. She had third degree burns, fortunately she didn’t die and of course the house was gone by the explosion. If we teach children that when they smell gas they should never light up a match or turn on a light because any small insignificant spark can cause an explosion, then things like this should never happen. 
    When we teach children how to add 2 + 2 not only do we need to teach the concept but, also need to teach them how to apply that concept in a day to day realistic situation. To prevent them from asking those smart questions  like, “what do we need this for?”.
    After graduation, the students (I continue to call them students because it’s not over yet) will be given the opportunity to live for a few weeks away from this TIMEISM system. They can be sent to experience other systems of their choice capitalism, socialism, barter, etc. Then, they can decide what system they would prefer to live in.
    If after a specific time frame, they decide that they made the wrong decision they will be allowed to switch again. The draw back in doing this is, that if they want to return to the TIMEISM system then they will have lost time.
    The basic principle of the TIMEISM system is that it works by accumulating (hours worked) time. Once the person graduates from school and decides to stay in this TIMEISM system then they decide what type of work they want to do. Do they want to be a doctor, a mechanic a welder, etc.  
    Lets say a person wants to be a welder. This person will go to  welding school . It is not full time, so they will attend a half day at school and a half day working in a welding place. They will work by doing all of the things that they do in a welding place, move boxes, cut iron rods, etc. The person then becomes acquainted with everything that goes on in that  workplace. Perhaps, after doing some hands on training, the person decides that that it is not for him/her and now decides to try another profession. That person again will go thru the same process but, he/she doesn’t lose the time he/she worked. That person has been accumulating time. Of course this idea of changing professions must have a limit. We cannot accept a person to change professions every few weeks forever. By the way, since money doesn’t exist in this system you don’t have to worry about paying for education or books, it is part of the TIMEISM system, it is FREE!!
    As I said before,  the number of hours the person  works are beginning to accumulate in a ledger for that individual.  Let’s say that this person likes welding and chooses it as their carrier.  Then lets say that a welder based on current statistics for this country will need to work 120,000 hours before the person can retire. This number of hours is what is expected at the present time, but as time moves on the number of hours can be more or less depending on population number, number of people selecting that type of job and other conditions. 
    During their lifetime a person can change careers a few times due to health conditions or other events. 
    Let’s say that this person found out that by cleaning sewer lines he/she only needs to work 50,000 hours. If the individual already accumulated 40,000 hours welding then it is not fair that this person would do 10,000 hours and retire. Situations like this have to be taken into account and adjustments made accordingly.
    Also, the number of types of jobs in one area may be more than other areas. If there are not many candidates that want to do that type of job because lets say it is nasty such as cleaning sewer lines then the number of hours is reduced. If there are too many applicants for other jobs like a life guard at the beach then the number of hours required before retirement will be more.
    Once a person enters the work force and accumulate hours it entitles them to have his/her own apartment, unless he/she wants to continue to live with his/her parents. If he/she gets married, have children they get an apartment  with all the bedrooms needed according to the family size.
    Everything, is free!! If you have an apartment and your tv stops working you call the service number and in less than half an hour you get a new TV installed and the old one removed. Totally free!! Remember there is no money in TIMEISM.
    You feel hungry call for service and your food drinks etc. will arrive to your door … You want to cook, call for service and ask for groceries.
    You want to have snacks and drinks to have in the middle of a tv show, you request the food you’ll be consuming earlier, to be ready in your refrigerator.
    You want to take a break for 6 months just put a request and away you go.
    You are sick, you go to a doctor or hospital…All free no charges, no concerns on “how am I going to pay this bill”…there is no bill. IT’s FREE!!!
    You don’t need a car…Just call service and the car will be ready for you with a driver that will take you where you need to go.
    No health insurance, no car insurance, no taxes. No STRESS!!!!
    Who are all those people that cook my food, deliver my food, drive me to the doctor,  build my tv , replace my tv?  Those are the people of the country, just like you, they are working to accumulate time not money!!
    By the way, there are many businesses and jobs that will not exist (Insurance, banks, car dealers, law offices, large government paper pushers, no stores, etc.)  while others will be done by automation. Yes, the more automation we create the less work we will have to do.  Automation will never fully work in a Capitalistic society unless they eliminate 90% of the population  or they will  pay people to stay home just like welfare.
    What!!   We will have a country of unemployed people!!!   Almost correct,  if the country doesn’t have those jobs, people will have more time to enjoy life!!  Wouldn’t it be great if you can retire at 30 or 40 and then enjoy every day of your life doing whatever you want?
    How do we deal with other countries on trade?  Remember unless this country is not self sufficient with food or minerals there is no need to trade unless the person wants to travel to a foreign country. 
    Then, we need something like a gold standard.
    Lets say a ton of wheat will be equivalent to 250 grams of gold and there will be a list of every item priced to a corresponding gold equivalent. People visiting from other economic systems will be charged a fixed price in gold for hotels 2 grams of gold a night,  food 1 gram, etc. Of course they don’t need to bring gold they can buy a gold card using their currency for so many grams of gold and recharge if they need more. If the have leftovers before they leave it will be refunded to their currency.  A system like Bitcoin will be ideal for TIMEISM.
    For the people in the TIMEISM system they will get currency of the countries they travel.  The will get a number of days every couple of years that they can use or they can accumulate. Maybe work for more hours than is required for retirement and that will translate on the money they need to travel to the country they are going.  TIMEISM countries will be much easier to deal with.
    As I said at the beginning, I don’t have all the answers, this is an idea and is just the basic concept, the rest can be worked out as time goes on. 
    No more robberies !!   No need to rob, because there is nothing to rob. Whatever you need you can have by just making a phone call.
    Rapes? Sure, rapes can still happen but, the school system will have taught children  that if you rape, you’ll be kicked out of the country and never return, even to see your family. 
    Chances are very good that you will not do that since you will lose everything you had accumulated in your life, you must leave the country and you will never see your family again.
    If you need an item in your house all you need to do is call and request the item. No money needed to do this.
    There is no longer the need for retail stores, sales people, accounting people, shopping malls, retail business, no taxes, etc.
    If you are sick there is no problem you’ll be taken care of by the doctor or hospital. Where is the money coming from to pay for healthcare . There is no money ; therefore,  nothing to pay.
    There is no insurance for you to pay. No bills from hospitals, doctors, medication, etc.
    There is no Insurance to pay for houses or for cars, you don’t need to own a  car  you have a driver to take you places, no car payments, no insurance, no tags or taxes.  Just make a call and a car with a driver will pick you up and take you were you need to go.
    No need for security, no virus attack , civil liberties, data retention, espionage, anonymize, crime, law enforcement,
    power deception, freedom of the press ,civil liberties ,state control ,social engineering ,cyber warfare, no rich, no poor.
    No need to manufacture one thing with a standard by each manufacturer. For example one phone company will produce a phone that uses one standard, one OS, etc.
    People can dedicate time to have fun and live life to the fullest, play sports, come up with the best next gadget to make life easier.
    The capitalistic will argue that there will be no innovation because there is no monetary incentive and I will tell them that the great majority of people that came out with innovation didn’t do it to be rich, they did it because they were annoyed about something that didn’t work for them and wanted a solution. Look at almost all the scientist that came out with great ideas. They were thinking about innovation not “what can I do to became rich?”.
    Ideal for a small country to implement.
    Cons: Very difficult in a large country to implement. Need to start at a state level and expand with time. 
    Need to write in detail exactly what to do in many different circumstances in different cases like vacations, travel outside the system…etc.
    This is just my dream,  I hope I’m wrong but, a country such as the  US  will never implement a system like this because greed is the essence of this country.

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